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Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure

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Statute Enlarging the Commission's Jurisdiction

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Statute Enlarging the Commission's Jurisdiction to include Reviews and Recommendations of Retired and Senior Judges

DC Code Title 11 §11-1504

§ 11-1504. Services of retired judges

(a)(1) A judge, retired for reasons other than disability, who has been favorably recommended and appointed as a senior judge, in accordance with subsection (b), may perform such judicial duties as such senior judge is assigned and willing and able to undertake. A senior judge shall be subject to reappointment every four years, unless the Senior Judge has reached his or her seventy-fourth birthday, whereupon review shall be at least every two years, in accordance with subsection (b). Except as provided under this section, retired judges may not perform judicial duties in District of Columbia courts.